Do you ship to hikers on the Appalachian Trail?

YES!!  Tired of not getting your gear shipped properly.  We can help.  Place an order with us either by phone or the website and we will package and ship it FAST to your preferred location following the labeling guidelines found in “The A.T. Guide” 

What information do you need to ship to a Thru-Hiker on the trail?

We Need the following info:

  • Your preferred mailing location (We recommend checking The AT Guide to ensure they accept mail drops)
  • Your ACTUAL name – Many post offices and mail drop locations will require a photo ID to pick up your package.
  • Your TRAIL NAME & ETA – We label each side of the box with your trail name and ETA so it can be easily located when you pick it up.

How much time should I allow between placing my order and picking up my package?

We will ship USPS Priority Mail.  Depending on the destination of your package we recommend planning for 5 days.  1 day to ship the items, 1-3 days of for USPS delivery, and 1 day for good measure.  

Depending on your location your order could arrive as soon as the next day, but that is certainly not guaranteed.  Most of the trail is located with 2 shipping days of the trail.  

Once we ship your order we will send you the tracking # so you can know when you package is scheduled to arrive.


Priority Mail Shipping Coverage Map