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Overall Run – A Breathtaking Waterfall Hike

Directions Shenandoah National Park. From Skyline Drive Mile marker 22.2 – Matthews Arm Campground parking lot. Trailhead Location The far side of the Matthews Arm Campground overflow parking lot. Follow the trail and bear to the left at the intersections. Trail well blazed and two trail posts along the way at intersections. Difficulty Moderately Strenuous […]

Wildewoman: What it’s like to thru-hike as a woman

women of the trail - killington peak

When a womxn says she’s going to do some monumental task, or when she completes one, she gets asked different questions than a man does. People asked me a lot of questions about my preparation for the trail and my experience on it, and I think men don’t get asked most of those questions. Still, […]

National Trails Day 2019 – Front Royal, Virginia

National Trail Days 2019

What a beautiful day to celebrate National Trails Day! National Trails Day was started by The American Hiking Society in 1993 as an initiative to get people involved with trail upkeep, Leave No Trace practices, and just the joy of hiking in general. The Appalachian Trail Community of Front Royal, Virginia, which River & Peak […]

AT Hiker Food Options and Reality from Rose “Comics” Turner AT ’18

AT Hiker Food

What do you eat out there? While canned foods can still be great for car camping, we’ve come a long way from carrying heavy cans for longer backpacking trips. Throughout most of the Appalachian Trail, I would resupply in various towns every 3-5 days or so. For the most part, there’s no need to carry […]

River and Peak Outfitter is Front Royal’s Exclusive Altra Running Dealer.

Women's Timp 1.5

River and Peak Outfitter is excited to announce that we are the exclusive dealer of Altra Running shoes in Front Royal, VA.  Located just 3.5 miles from the Appalachian Trail road crossing at Highway 522, we can be conveniently found at the north entrance to the Shenandoah National Park.  We carry a complete selection of […]

Hammocks vs Shelters on the Appalachian Trail

The pros and cons directly from Rose ‘Comics’ Turner, who is finishing her thru-hike. I’ve been thru-hiking south on the Appalachian Trail, and have primarily used a hammock system, but have spent roughly a dozen or so nights in the three-wall shelters as well. There are a few other common sleeping systems, but I’d like […]

Introducing Rose Turner: River & Peak’s Newest Employee!

Meet Rose! Rose is our first employee here that we have asked to join our team at River and Peak. As a previously two-employee company, you can understand how big of a milestone this is for us. You may count our pup Lotus as the third employee here, but she just works for pets and […]

Introducing our Darn Tough Socks Warranty Exchange Program

Darn Tough Socks are a great choice when hiking the Appalachian Trail. A Thru-Hiker’s socks are pushed to the extreme and can hold up to that pressure & abuse. They are a critical aspect of any hikers foot care routine. While many people have spoken about how awesome Darn Tough Socks are for long distance […]