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Introducing Rose Turner: River & Peak’s Newest Employee!

Meet Rose! Rose is our first employee here that we have asked to join our team at River and Peak. As a previously two-employee company, you can understand how big of a milestone this is for us. You may count our pup Lotus as the third employee here, but she just works for pets and […]

Appalachian Trail Guide – Shipping Hiking Gear to a Post Office or Mail Drop Near You.

River and Peak Outfitter will ship your gear order to you while you are hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT), Continental Divide Trail (CDT), Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), or any other long trail within the US. You can place an order online or by phone (We have more items in our store than on our website). […]

River and Peak Outfitter is now a part of the AT Passport Program

Orgins of the AT Passport The Appalachian Trail Passport Program was modeled after the passport used to document the journey along the “Camino de Santiago” in northern Spain. Hikers along the path get their passport stamped at each hostel along the way to document the experience and ensure the path was accomplished along the official […]

Rockland Park Disc Golf Course

Rockland Disc Golf Course Map & Tee 1

Rockland Park Disc Golf Course – A Hidden Gem in Warren County Kristen and I took an opportunity today to play the Rockland Park 18-Hole Disc Golf Course.  The course is located in northern Warren County on wooded rolling land along the Shenandoah River.  The course is PAR 71 and includes two tee boxes for […]