River and Peak Outfitter is now a part of the AT Passport Program

Appalachian Trail (AT) Passport Stamp and Book

Orgins of the AT Passport

The Appalachian Trail Passport Program was modeled after the passport used to document the journey along the “Camino de Santiago” in northern Spain. Hikers along the path get their passport stamped at each hostel along the way to document the experience and ensure the path was accomplished along the official route.

Jeff Taussig started the AT Passport after he completed the AT in 2006. Since then, the list of participating locations has continued to rise and has become an important part of documenting your hike along the Appalachian Trail.

River and Peak Outfitter has received our AT Passport Stamp

AT Passport Stamp
River and Peak Outfitter AT Passport Stamp

We just received our official AT Passport stamp and we are looking forward to helping hikers get their passport filled this year!

In addition to stamping your AT Passport, we also will sell the passports in our store if you would like to pick one up as a souvenir/memento to document your first few steps on the Appalachian Trail or if you are planning your Thru-Hike of the AT.