Introducing our Darn Tough Socks Warrenty Exchange Program

Darn Tough Socks Trek / Hike Denim
Darn Tough Socks Trek / Hike Denim

Darn Tough Socks are a great choice when hiking the Appalachian Trail. A Thru-Hiker’s socks a pushed to the extreme and can hold up to that pressure and abuse. They are a critical aspect of any hikers foot care routine. While many people have spoken about how awesome Darn Tough Socks are for long distance hikers,

Darn Tough Socks has one incredible warranty that will one of the other benefits is that you can find them near almost any portion of the Appalachian Trail. When you reach Front Royal you can count on River and Peak Outfitter to be able to seamless handle your Darn Tough Warranty and get you back on the trail the same day.

Here is what the process is like

  • You bring a pair of worn out or defective Darn Tough Vermont Socks to River and Peak Outfitter
  • We will take a look at the area of concern and confirm that it meets the Darn Tough Vermont requirements for a claim
  • If you sock meet the requirements for an exchange you will be able to get a brand new pair of the same style Darn Tough Vermont socks (subject to availability)
  • You could immideatly put on your brand new socks and River and Peak will even recycle the packaging for you
  • Enjoy your Darn Tough Vermont Socks

If you are in Harper’s Ferry and headed south, Front Royal will be the next major trail town you will hit. If you are hiking north, Once you complete the Shenandoah National Park you are not far from our store. Hitch a ride or coordinate a shuttle from Hwy 522 in order to visit River and Peak Outfitter

Hike Safe, Leave No Trace, and Happy Trails!!

River and Peak Outfitter Sock Wall
River and Peak Outfitter Sock Wall

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Darn Tough Socks warranty claim take?

The process can take a little as 5 minutes. As a benefit to our hiking community River and Peak Outfitter will continue the claim process for you so you don’t have to wait for a shipment.

Is there a cost for doing an instant Darn Tough Socks warranty claim?

River and Peak Outfitter does not charge for processing your warranty claim and replacing your socks instantly.

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